Between the Dolomiti and the Garda lake
see map 



From the Brennero highway take the exit at Trento

and go towards Madonna di Campiglio.

Once you get to Comano terme, go towards Poia
and you'll find us300 meters after the little village of Poia



Tasty, abundant,

made with our ingredients



In the whole house the CO2 level is constantly under control
And so is the umidity and air exchange



Casariga is certified CASACLIMA ORO

And ensures a thermic wellbeing



We know you can't stay without your emails



The cyclists who love their bikes

Can sleep with it on the threshold of the window door

Or, if it's clean, even inside the room



For the man's best friend we offer a place on the threshold of the window door
Or in a dog basket inside the room.



Over 1000 chanels

Possibile to access internet

Lots of movies stored

You can always keep it turned off



Why is casariga called casariga?

The name was born even before the house.

When we were still imagining it, we were dreaming of a home able to disappear from the landscape and which looked nothing like any other house.

But more like a sign, a line drawn on a slope.

And that's how we did it: hidden on a side of the mountain and just before the woods.

We were able to make it almost invisible aside from the long glass wall which stands out against the meadows.

"riga" in Italian means line







You can make yourself food

The Silence


 thermal Baths




The Dolomiti's sound



How is Casariga made








For us, the pleasue of sitting at a table and eating and drinking in company is something sacred.
For now we only serve breakfast, but we do it flawlessly.
Sweets and jams homemade by Elisa, fresh apple juice, freshly-baked bread, honey and fresh fruit.
Coffee, milk and tea; Elisa is a tea enthusiast and gets her infusions from a friend.
Goat and cow cheese from the surrounding farms, Armando's Italian smoked ham and, for who wants them, eggs and bacon.
It's safe to say you're not gonna be very hungry at lunch.




You can make yourself food

At the end of the corridor we have a room with 5 independent cooking stations, where you can cook something for yourself.
You can make yourself whatever you want, you eat in the dining room on the side and then, if you're tired, you put everything in the sink and close the door of the cooking station; you can wash the plates the morning after!
In any case we have a couple of particlarly good and affordable restaurants near us.



The silence

The silence is ensured by a very advanced soundproof system. The wall in between bedrooms is a double wall and in order to avoid "acoustic bridges" there are no pipes or thread or nails across it; the ceiling of every bedroom is separated from the other by an empty space in order to avoid sound transmission.
The glass walls are made with a triple shatterproof glass for both inside and outside (8mm, 4mm, 8mm), which also provides strong soundproofing.





If you love biking this is the right place.
Here it's full of all kinds of courses: easy, hard, long, short.
We suggest you take a look here:

or here

The best maps, in our opinion, are the 4LAND's ones; you can find them on Amazong for 10 euros and the one about us is the 142.
We offer you the possibility to arrive, park the card and not think about it for the whole time you're here.
You can keep your bike in your bedroom, you can wash it and get it ready for the next day.
Go around as long as you want; just bring a phone with GPS with you so if you get lost or hurt or you're simply too tired we can come and get you.
If you want to avoid getting tired but you still want to enjoy a good ride, we can rent you an electric bike designed in order to endure mountain terrain.
Try the electric bike; you don't have to suffer when going uphill, travel long distance with little exertion while still enjoying the silence and the views.
Check this out for more information:




This is the strong point of the Comano Terme basin.
Take your backpack, a pair of comfortable shoes and go for a walk.
In the bag put a heavy piece of clothing, a waterproof jacket, a water bottle, something to eat, some money and the phone.
Along the way you'll find everything else you might need.
Attention: walking does not mean dying from exaustion.
Walking just means seeing the World from another point of view.
Walking just means strolling from village to village and seeing the old lady hanging some clothes, saying hi and have a chat with her.
Walking means stopping in a place you like, eating something and having a nap.
Walking means listening to oneself's own body and come to an agreement with it about what you can do.
It is incredible how many things are not seen when going by car. The same route done on foot looks like a different World.
Often we go looking for esotic places to detach ourself from everyday life. There isn't a more different World than your own seen from a different angle.
We (Omar and Elisa) did the Road to Santiago and made this dazzling discovery.
The joy isn't in reaching Santiago; the joy is in the journey.
Transfer this concept to your life: the joy is not buying a new car; the joy is in working in order to buy it.
To orient yourself:

Or here:





Thermal Baths

2 km away from us you can find the a 2 km abbiamo le Terme di Comano
They are medical hot spring specific to dermatits, they are also used as a SPA.
For relax and wellbeing we also have the Terme di Arco at 25 km and the Terme di Carderzone at 22 km




If it's raining, you can get your car or hop on a bus and go experience some of our culture and art.

o i castelli





The city of TRENTO is 30 km from us and it's a great cultural city.
BOLZANO is no less and it's 90 km from us. 
During Christmas period there are a lot of STREET MARKETS
In our valley the best one is RANGO





The Dolomiti's sound
We've reserved a side note for this
We (Elisa and Omar) often when to these high altitude concerts; they can range from mountain choirs to African percussionists and they all stir different emotions.
Here's an anecdote:
We went to listen the director Giovanni Allevi with his piano in val di Fiemme inside a greenwood. The director permored an inedit, it was wonderful!

In the end, after the applause, Allevi said: "If you allow me, i'd like to perform this piece again; amongst these firs i heard a very different sound, and I am in love with it." and he played the piece again.






We are surrounded by amazing lakes; the biggest and most famous one is Lago di Garda which is about 25 minutes by car or an hour by bike away from us.
But the most beautiful leakes are the smallest ones:
Lago di Tenno (
Lago di Lagolo ( )





Andalo is 25 km away from us
Pinzolo is 30 km away from us 
Madonna di Campiglio is 45 km away from us
Bolbeno is 10 km away from us





How Casariga is made:


First of all we need to say this is a life project;
We have looked for a place where we could raise our kids away from factories and streets.
We asked nature to let us in; we have to respect our host; tip-toeing and making our presence as unnoticeable as possible.


What we did:
We build an almost invisibile house,
we only use rinnovable energies,
we produce ZERO CO2

The main idea

..of our project is having nature all around us without giving up the comfort of a modern house. For us it was essential to hide the boundary between inside and outside. So we decided to build every room with one of the walls completely made of glass. When in the morning you open the tents, you feel like you're outside. It's a dazzling sensation which makes you say "Hello World, how are you?"
Our family lives everyday in this quirky house and often we see wild animals in the garden.
The triple glass we used in order to isolate ourself from the cold and heat also have a very soundproof effect. This way it's very silent inside, but who's outisde won't hear who's inside as well. The animals therefore do not hear us, they stay relaxed and don't run away.

How our home is:

It is a house integrated in a bent of the hill and covered by a layer of terrain.
The effect it gives is that the roof is a continuation of the meadow.
It is first and foremost a house made of wood with it's typical aroma which, for some reason, puts you in a happy mood.
Most of the walls are raw pine and the floor is in bamboo and the outside is larch.
From the outside you only see wood, stone walls made with rocks gathered during the construction stages, glass and Da fuori si vede solo legno, muri di pietra fatti con le pietre raccolte tutto intorno durante gli scavi di costruzione, vetro and corten steel.
The garden and the outside woods are very well cared for, while respecting their wild state.
The cars are confined pretty out of sight.


Casaclima Gold

Is a certificate from the Casaclima agency in Bolzano which is famous worldwide for simplicity and seriousness.
It certifies that our house cunsumes less than 3 litres of petroil per cubic meter per year. Equivalent to 30 kwh/qm/year. To be precise, Casariga only consumes 1.
Aside from termic performances, Casaclima is also based on comfort level.
To obtain these performances we applied a lot of leading architectural techniques:
geothermic, heat pump, ventilation control, windtight seal, particularly effective thermic coat, thermic solar panels, greenhouse effect, wintergarden.
A central brain coordinates all these things together. This gives the house a sort of soul which makes her move like a living organism.


Sun's energy

In our home the sun is fundamental.
The sunlight combined with the wood creates a feeling of domestic warmth; the heat from the sun is our principal source of energy.
The glass walls are directed to South so in the Winter they're hit by as much sun as possible in order to facilitate the greenhouse effect.
What is the greenhouse effect?
It's that physical property of glass which allows rays of sunshine to come through while stopping the rays reflecting towards the outside. This is because the rays from the sun have a certain frequency and the ones that bounce off have another. The effect is that the heat comes in and is trapped.
In the Summer though, this phenomenon can be a problem, since it causes an eccess of heat. In order to solve this, for the glass walls facing South was, first of all, calculated the protrusion and height of the eaves, in order to overshadow the glass wall in the summer months; The Sun in the summer rotates higher aboves the horizon. If this were to not suffice, as soon as the temperature goes over a certain limit, there is an automatic mechanics which makes the tents slide down until the glass wall is completely overshadowed while keeping the view as free as possible.
We also take in solar energy using thermic solar panels.


Earth's Energy

We have the earth above us, we have the earth below us and we have the earth at our side.
Basically the whole house is enveloped by the Earth.
A characteristic of Earth is it increases the thermal stability the more you descend. Below 15 m the temperature is constant even between Summer and Winter.
Just under the surface this effect is reduced and it only diminishes the difference between Summer and Winter.
Consequently here it is warmer in the Winter, cooler in the Summer while still having a levelling between day and night.
In order to amplify this thermic stability effect, we made it so the air taken into the house goes through a  pipe over 100 meters long, very wide (40 cm diameter) and at a depth of 3-4 meters. The air therefore has to go through this pipe slowly since it's very wide. During this journey it gets warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. This system is called free-cooling.
Geotermic: we have 4 wells 100 meters deep dug into the rock. In these holes in the ground there are 8 tubes of polyethilene. In these 1600 meters of tubing we let water flow which, whatever temperature it is at the beginning, comes out at 12 degrees celcius. Using a heat pumo then in the Winter we take away 11 degrees from the water and we store them in a heat accumulator (a water tank thermically insulated). The water coming out of the heat pumo, after undergoing this heat transfer, is at around 1 degree. At this point we send it back in the tubes underground. When it comes back up it will be 12 degrees again and we take its nrewly gained heat away again. At the end of this process in our water tank the water will be at 55 degrees.
This heat is estracted from the rocks in the depths of the Earth.
The process works in reverse in the Summer to create cold water which is then used to flow in the floor heating system and therefore cool the rooms in the Summer months. The heat pump in this case estracts the heat of water in our tank and gives it to the water coming in from the tubes which then go underground (at about 30 degrees); when it comes up it's once again 12 degree and the cicle repeats itself. In our tank we get to have water at about 10 degrees.
The heat pumo, in the summer when it has to produce cold water, recovers the heat taken from the water for cooling and places it in the tank of the water used for showers.
The system works and it's very profitable.
In the months of December and January heating our appartment costs less than 1 euro per day.


We avoid waste
we have thermic isolation on the walls, on the floor and ceiling with a width that goes from 20 to 30 cm. The glass walls are with triple glasses with a strong insulating power (Ug value = 0.6). The draught is almost nonexistent since the payed very close attention to the air seal (b.d.t. 0,34); the house is almsot sealed. The air exchange is granted by a system which provides new air every 4 hours. The air going out gives the heat to the air coming in using a heat exchanger. The speed of the system is regulated based on the internal readings of the CO2 levels.
This anti-dispersion system allows us to keep a temperature of 22 degrees in a room during Winter, only using the head produced by the human bodies inhabiting it.




€ 125  triple room                

€ 95 double room

€ 65  single room

added bed


€ 30


for one night only


20 %

toddles up to 2 years
in added bed



from December 26 to January 5
from July 15 to August 31


€ 140    triple room

€ 110     double room

€ 80     single room








Località Col Longhe 2,Poia

38077 Comano Terme
GPS: 46.0229433, 10.8790391

Tel. 3482213038 Omar
Tel. 3336830517 Elisa





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